Dr. B. Shekar

  Monday, 24th September 2018

   FLAME University

   Creativity and Innovation: Inquiry-centric Perceptual Learning through Arts


Dr. Shekar will present the opening lecture from the course he has curated on creativity in arts and science. This has been a hugely popular course, you can read the students' testimonials here. It was also covered by Time of India in February, 2018 with the title 'This eclectic course kindles latent creativity in IIMB students'.

Dr. Shekar believes that we live in a non-univocal impressionistic world and there is a need to develop deep perceptual appreciation for it. With this lecture, he seeks to inculcate the joy of alternate thinking, along with the feeling of awe toward some of the masterpieces. Bringing examples from variety of fields, he tries to inculcate in participants an uncanny ability to recognize patterns.