Faculty Development Session for Poona College: Innovations in Education Technology

  Saturday, 24th August 2019

The session, titled “Innovations in Education Technology”, was designed to encourage discussions on the philosophy and use of education technology as part of pedagogy. Edu-tech and IT expert and guest speaker Prof. Jasmine Hsu led a session dedicated to the use of tools such as Moodle and Google Classroom to make the designing and delivery of course material effective and interesting at the same time. This session also incorporated deeper conversations on experiential learning and autonomy of learners, where professors shared their own insights, experiences and inputs on how to incentivize and reward certain behaviours and the importance of personal attention to students.
Speaker Dr. Pavan Mamidi dedicated his session to more fundamental issues on learning and teaching philosophy. By using examples such as the Feynman Technique, the focus was on the importance of simplicity in the delivery and explanation of key concepts to students. Professors discussed the need to democratize knowledge, which includes the ability of the educator to become students again. Dr. Mamidi paid special attention to the need to have compassion as educators and aim to deliver content in an emotionally engaging manner.