Aron Szekely

Aron Szekely

Research Fellow at the Laboratory of Agent-Based Social Simulation
Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies
D.Phil., University of Oxford

Dr. Szekely is an Affiliated Faculty at CESS India and since 2014 also a Research Fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies  in Rome.

His background is in Sociology and Biology; Dr. Szekely received his DPhil and MSc in Sociology from the University of Oxford in 2015 and 2010, respectively, and before that a BSc in Biology from the University of Bristol in 2008.

His expertise is in experimental methods in the behavioural sciences, particularly laboratory experiments—already in 2009 Dr. Szekely worked as a Research Assistant at CESS Nuffield—and he has conducted many of them and taught experimental methods at the European University Institute. In terms of research topics, he typically uses game theory as a guide and examines mechanisms underlying social behaviour including signalling theory, reputation, and social norms.

Currently open projects include experiments and models that test the effects of costly signalling on fighting, the emergence of social norms, the maintenance of group reputations, and the formation and development of protection rackets.